About Us

Our philosophy is simple

Drinks should excite the palate just the way delicious, thoughtful food does.

At Backyard Soda Co., we handcraft simple syrups in small batches with pure cane sugar and the freshest fruits, herbs, and spices available, using organic and local products whenever possible.

In an effort to promote our philosophy of delicious drinking, Backyard Soda Co. launched as a mobile soda cart in Denver, CO in 2012, slinging all-natural sodas, sno-cones, slushies and teas.

Our flavors spoke for themselves and we quickly developed a strong following, encouraging us to bottle our simple syrups so that our devotees and friends could enjoy our delicious, unique concoctions at home.

Our handcrafted simple syrups are now found in the best specialty markets, liquor stores, restaurants and coffee shops throughout Colorado. Visit our retail page to find our syrups near you. You can also order directly from us here, or find us at a variety of events throughout Colorado year round.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality products, sourced from local ingredients, made by happy people and delivered with smiles all at a fair price that will afford us to keep our ideals in check while we grow.

Company Overview

We produce all-natural, ingredient driven simple syrups using real fruit, fresh herbs and hand ground spices -sourced locally whenever possible.

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